This week in the garden

4/13/09 – We’ve been working hard to get ready for the 2009 growing season!  To date we have transplanted 1080 tomato seedlings and 400 pepper seedlings!  This weekend we will set out more cabbage and broccoli plants, as long as the weather holds.  We’ve had so much rain recently that the ground is too wet most days to work.


10/22/07 – Even more rain, and it couldn’t be more welcomed. Over the weekend we planted 3 rows of lettuce, 1 row of carrots, and a row of spinach. We also harvested about 300 pounds of butternut squashes in order to finish out the winter squash patch. The drip hoses were coiled for storage, and now that section of the garden is ready for tilling and replanting, either with more winter crops, or a cover crop.

10/18/07 – Rain! It’s finally raining in the Atlanta area today, and we’re hoping to get a half-inch or more in the next 48 hours. In anticipation of the rain, snow peas and radishes were planted yesterday by the cucumber trellis, with carrots and Chinese cabbages to follow soon.

10/15/07 – The garden is beautiful this week! The greens are in and doing very well, and our late planting of Top Crop green beans continues to produce about 20 pounds of beans each week. Spinach and rutabaga are starting to come up, too. The acorn squash and butternut squash have been harvested and are now available. Tomatoes are finished for the season.

Two fields have been planted with cover crops (Austrian winter peas) and have been put to bed for the winter.

The only thing we lack now is rain…


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  1. Whats going on this week?

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