Philosophy of the Foundation

The founders of the WG and Ella Carter Foundation share the ideals that were instilled in them by the Carters, that:

1. Gardening provides food security and meets the nutritional needs of families.

2. Gardening brings families and communities together.

3. Gardening instills an interest in sound ecological practices good stewardship of natural resources.

4. Gardening ignites interest in the sciences, particularly botany, biology, geology, ecology, entomology, zoology, and chemistry.

5. Gardening provides opportunities for entrepreneurial exploration and development, by allowing families and youth to produce tangible and marketable results through their labor.

Furthermore, the founders attest to the beliefs that:

1. We have been richly blessed, through the grace of God, by our family, the land, and our heritage as the heirs of WG and Ella Carter.

2. We have a social, civic and Christian obligation to share the blessings of our lives with others.

3. God gave us the earthly use of the land, and the ability to cultivate it, not for our benefit alone, but so that we can share His bounty and His love with the community around us and the family of Christ worldwide. (1 Peter 4:10)

4. Through the efforts of the Foundation, we can extend the contributions of WG and Ella Carter to many subsequent generations, in multiple communities, through a variety of means, all to the glory of God.

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