Anticipated Foundation Activities

With a focus on small-scale agricultural development, food and water safety, and nutritional education as the core of the Foundation activities, the founding members of the WG & Ella Carter Foundation have identified a number of areas in which the Foundation can contribute to both the local community (East Point, GA) as well as a number of initiatives to address hunger in communities throughout the world.

Within the Local Community, the Foundation will act in three primary areas:

1. Education

a) Provide education to local community participants in conservation practices, safe food handling and production practices, and nutrition

b) Provide a “field-trip” activity for local schools, civic groups, and home-school families

c) Provide space and agricultural training to mission teams and programs from area churches and colleges, and other non-profit mission groups

d) Provide access to training in areas such as well-digging and effective irrigation management

e) Provide small-scale entrepreneurial activities for community youth

2. Community Enrichment

a) Provide space for community garden plots (square foot gardening)

b) Provide education to participating communities in nutrition and safe food handling and production practices

c) Provide community learning and recreation opportunities.

3. Scholarships

a) Provide scholarhip assistance for local participants interested in furthering their education in the fields of either Christian ministry or agriculture.

On an international front, the Foundation will seek to act in the following areas of need:

1. Microloans

a) Provide small loans (< $100) to qualified participants for the purchase of essential gardening tools, materials and seeds

b) Provide assistance to local churches/ministries to purchase land for community gardens

2. Education

a) Provide for training for qualified families/communities in sustainable and profitable agricultural practices

b) Provide education to participating communities in nutrition and safe food handling and production practices

3. Scholarships

a) Provide scholarship assistance for qualified students to attend agricultural colleges or training in their country of origin

b) Provide scholarships for mission teams to travel abroad and establish sustainable agriculture

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